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Do Your Socks Match?

My husband is pretty great. He's handsome AND smart! Plus, he's always there to support me through my slumps. Caleb recently reminded me of something I said when we first started dating and it's been sticking with me this week

"Life is too short to match your socks."

I'm glad 17 year old Killiann had that little chunk of wisdom figured out. But until my ultra-grounded husband repeated that to me this week amidst my own chaos, I forgot about it for years. I've been living in a delusion that if things don't turn out perfectly, I've failed. Most of us struggle to achieve unwarranted perfection thrown at us via TV, social media, magazines, etc. Even if you have most of your shit together, it feels like you can't relax until ALL of your shit is together. But the day when perfection shows up is never coming.

So today I'm not striving for perfection. There is still a pile of clothes in the hamper, and I'll keep working on it. Dinner still has to be made today and I have no idea what I'm going to make. I'm sitting here in my jams not wanting to do anything else, really. But the world isn't going to stop turning. I'll make my quirky soul happy this weekend and what gets done, gets done - and my socks won't match.

Blessed Be!

Cheers XO


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