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Father's Day Interviews

Father's day was a few days ago, and I was inspired to do a tiny project and get some thoughts on fatherhood from two of my favorite men, my dad and my husband. I asked them a few questions about life during pregnancy and what it's like being a dad (or in my husbands case - becoming a dad). What I really love is that I was my parents first born and Caleb and I are about to have our own first born, so getting the "first-time-dad" view was very cool for me. It's a new connection to bond with and share stories, and I want to thank them for letting me share their answers with you. Dad's are busy ya' know!

Nap Time

Killiann: How did you feel when you found out you were going to have a baby?

Caleb: I was excited but not surprised, so my reaction wasn't very energetic. Since we had been trying for a few months I was just beginning to expect it.

Dad: Not ready, if I think about it. I think I wanted more time to be just be free and to do more things perhaps.  

Killiann: What are your thoughts about our pregnancy? Do you have a favorite or least favorite thing about it?

Caleb: It's definitely a learning experience. I knew it wasn't going to be without it's tough points, but it could be so much worse so I'm thankful for that. I like to see how excited it makes you and it gives us things to plan for and think about.

Dad: My least favorite thing was feeling helpless not being able to help with her morning sickness, growing pains, not being able to feel either you or your brother move before you were born. My favorite thing watching your mother change, the happiness of becoming a mother; watching her read all the books about becoming a mom, etc. The positive effects of becoming a mother.

Killiann: What are you most excited about when it comes to being a dad? What's your biggest fear?

Caleb: I'm excited to grow our family and show her that there are still good and beautiful things in this world to see and experience, and I hope to share all the great things I have experienced with her. I'm afraid I won't have enough time around her due to work and because of that I won't be as close with her as I would like to be. I don't want to miss out because I have to work all the time.

Dad: My biggest fear was not being a good dad - not being better than my dad and not being able to give you everything you need. I was most excited about all the new wonders of watching my kids grow up.

Prepping and Practicing. Sasquatch is not ready for the book.

Killiann: What is (or was) your impression/expectation for what labor and delivery is like? How do you feel about it?

Caleb: I expect labor is going to be mostly waiting around until she's finally ready to come out. I know it's going to be challenging but I think you're going to get through it just fine and I will do my best to comfort you and welcome Eleanor into this world. I'll be there to support you every step of the way.

Dad: I’m not sure if I had any expectations or impressions because we both took some classes, read books, talked to the doctors, etc. When you both were born it was beautiful, both in their own way.

Killiann: How do you remember your first year of being a parent?

Dad: I remember working nights mom working days. Missing little moments because I was working or sleeping. Regretting not being there enough.

Proud Papa!

Killiann: Are there any other thoughts about pregnancy/becoming a dad that you want to share?

Caleb: I know its going to be challenging raising kids but I just I hope I can prepare them well for life and help them make the world a better place.

Dad: The pregnancy is just the first part of this journey. Being a parent is full of turns and twists in the road ahead. Sometimes your scared, mad, happy, and there’s times when you're just lost. There’s nothing you won't do for them. Parenthood never ends. You will always worry about your kids. You will always be there for them. It’s something that you will never cherish always. The beautiful moments of your child’s life will fill you with some much love.

These guys are men of few words, but they love with all their hearts. I grew up with the best dad and got the perk of being the only daughter. I was, and still am, a daddy's girl. I can't wait to see the relationship form between Caleb and our daughter. I want to thank them again for letting me share their thoughts and feelings. It was so special for me to gain a little dad insight. They are my favorite. Happy (late) Father's Day!

Blessed Be!

Cheers XO



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