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Happy New Year!

I forgot to send out Christmas cards with the obligatory family update letter this year. And by forgot I mean I didn't order fancy Vista Print cards like I normally do and I didn't like my handwriting. Sorry, fam.

So here's my 2019 summary.

Last year my husband and I were extremely blessed. I started a new position at my job that I enjoy and we continued to settle into our home that we bought in 2018. We got to witness our friends tie the knot and Caleb and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. We lost a friend, so we traveled to Montana to attend his funeral. Along the way there Caleb and I got to visit Yellowstone for the first time. That's where the photography bug bit me; such a breathtaking place and I could not get enough of the textured landscape! I also discovered one of my favorite state parks, Bannack, MT; which is a deserted mining town that is being preserved.

Bannack State Park

In June I was in an accident that totaled our truck so we bought a new car. Hello, Stubaru the Subaru! Our 2019 Crosstrek is such a dream to drive! And in September Caleb and I enjoyed a weekend camping up near Cass, WV. We went days with no cell phone service and I soaked up the scenery with my camera. After we returned from our trip I fell into a severe depressive episode which, shocker, wasn't so much fun. But it forced me to once again put myself first and work on ways to cope with mental illness. So even though it sucked, everything happens for a reason and I felt a new spiritual awakening that surged me back to life.

So I'm still walking on my own beaten trail. I'm finding my own ideas and my own voice is getting louder. Here we go, 2020. I'm so ready.

I wish you all love and light in this new year! Blessed be.

Cheers XO


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