• Killiann Brown

I'm Going To Do It MY Way

What a time to be awakened! This past September I desperately needed something different. My mental health was unraveling, again, and I had to take some time off work. I needed to find a new way I could take care of my mind and body, because therapy alone wasn’t giving me anything I already didn’t know. Don’t get me wrong, I am a strong advocate for therapy; but, after years of having a great therapist as a teen to help me work through my issues, the new therapists just didn’t add up. I have the basics of dealing with depression and anxiety down, but dealing with mental illness is exhausting and I needed something more than just Prozac.

Fast forward to walking through a cool spiritual shop in the back of an antique store. I’d walked through before, always fascinated by all the witchy stuff and crystals on the shelves, but I knew that I needed to hurry up and move on for fear of disapproval. This time it was different. I was so drawn to this woman who validated my empathic personality and taught me how to protect myself from different forms of energy. I’m super thankful for that moment of acceptance and wisdom; it jump-started me on my own path to blaze my own spiritual trail.

I am here to tell you that I am NOT an expert on religion and spirituality. Both my husband and I were raised Lutheran and while I know Bible stories and prayers, I am nowhere near qualified to teach you all about it. Neither am I an expert in whatever hippie, witchy, spiritual, whatever-you-want-to-call-it that I’m finding my way through right now. I’m just questioning beliefs and forging my own way. I’ve become eclectic. There are things in all sorts of beliefs and religions that are really beautiful; but in the shadows lurk teachings that are judgmental and noninclusive. I believe in love and respect. I believe that anyone should be able to have their own beliefs without judgement if they’re not harming anyone or anything. I believe in God, angels, and spirit guides. So what if I burn incense to cleanse my space and read oracle cards for a little guidance? So what if I want to get more in touch with some ancient ways and believe in the power of stones and crystals? I can do all that and still hold on to the foundation I was raised with. Am I hurting myself or anyone else? No. This is part of my journey that is mine alone. I am happier walking my own path and feel much more empowered to help myself, because I know that higher beings are traveling along with me for guidance.

Am I asking you to believe what I believe? No. Absolutely not. I am sharing this for those who are also trying to make sense of things and figure out what they believe. You are allowed to continue in your current belief system. You are also allowed to explore, modify, and change your beliefs. Contrary to popular opinion, there is no wrong answer. Because, guess what? Not a single one of us is making it out of this world alive. We’re all just trying to figure it all out. I strongly encourage you to support one another in their own journey. Take the time to ask them about it if you don’t understand. You don’t have to believe the same things, but you should be kind and accepting.

I am extremely blessed to have those that I love accept whatever form of me I choose to be. They are the world’s best support system. I’m so thankful for them. And for those that are hateful, get over yourself. If you want to judge people all day for believing in something different than you do, I'm not here to argue with anyone.

My hope is that this helps someone embrace who they want to be and live their life authentically. Even if it helps one person. And if you have questions for me, please feel free to ask! You can email me at; I am an open book 😊

Blessed Be!

Cheers XO



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