• Killiann Brown

Ovaries Schmovaries

Getting pregnant sounds super simple, right? I mean...the instructions aren't super hard. One could figure it out even if IKEA gave you the manual. But clearly it isn't a first time win for all of us, including myself. There are lots of mama's out there who have had a difficult time and mama's-in-waiting who are still trying.

I wasn't planning on writing this or even posting this, but something told me "why not, you're not by yourself in this journey." This didn't come totally out of the blue; Caleb and I have been doing the ol' "not trying but also not preventing method" for a few months and haven't seen any results. Although not actively trying, there was still a stab of disappointment looking at only one pink line.

I think it was intuition because I felt the absolute need at the beginning of the year to start testing my ovulation. What I had been doing so far just wasn't working. I've been using an app on my phone called Flo to track my cycles. It's a really easy tool to just go in and track your periods and symptoms; it even predicts your ovulation. But why then, why, was I not getting pregnant?

My Flo app

Well, every woman's body is different. My physiology is not that same as yours. I was perusing articles on Pinterest and Google on fertility and trying to figure out what the hell my ovaries were doing. After all, my app told me my predicted ovulation day was the 15th. What gives?! I got super confused right after Christmas; I started bleeding, but for only one day?Uuggh...back to tracking I go.

That brought me to my light-bulb, intuition screaming at me moment. I needed to do this differently. I was in the middle of the store and made a b-line to the family planning aisle. Hello, Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Test!

So with my bullet journal, washi tape, and brush markers in hand, I made a new fertility tracker for myself. It's now as simple as peeing on a stick and tracking whether it's a low, high, or peak ovulation day. On day one and two I got a circle which meant "low fertility". I skipped a day in between and yesterday got a blinking smiley face which meant "high fertility". Today I was excited to see the "peak fertility" smiley face. However today is the 5th and not the 18th. So it goes to show how just following an app's predictions isn't always enough.

Peak fertility day! Is it right?

I have never tried this before and this is definitely not sponsored. I've read mixed reviews on it, especially with woman who have PCOS (also me, apparently). However some kits say if you still have a regular period the ovulation test kit might still work. So why not try it out! I don't have anything to lose. It was only $40 and if it doesn't work, I'll try something else. It's that simple. So I will get my hopes up. I'm going to be positive about this. There's no reason not to. I'm not going to let the thought of disappointment stand in my way of being happy this year.

Are any of you mama's-in-waiting? Are you a mama who had a tough time getting pregnant? I would love to know your stories if you are willing to share! There is a village of us. Let's keep one another lifted up!

Blessed Be!

Cheers XO



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