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Project House Herbs!

So for Christmas Caleb got me this super cool kit called 'Herbs in the Burbs' from Garden Republic. He knows I'm a crazy plant lady, and that I also like to refer to him as my own personal Guy Fieri. So it would behoove him to have some fresh herbs around the house that I could have some fun with.

I was saving this for a January faves post but I just couldn't wait and this weekend was unseasonably warm - so I got to planting! The kit is great because it comes with literally everything you need to plant your seedlings and the whole box is only about $25. The box includes four seed packets, cute little burlap pots (I seriously can't get over how cute they are!), soil disks, mini plant shears, garden stakes, and instructions.

The instructions say to soak your seeds in hot water for 16-24 hours, so I started that on Saturday evening so they would be ready to plant Sunday morning. I just popped them in 4 separate glasses with the seed packet next to them so I wouldn't forget which was which.

While the seeds were soaking the night away (jealous much??), I got the soil ready to go so all I had left to do Sunday was sow the seeds. Getting the soil disks ready was super easy - just put them all in a large bowl and add water! In just a few minutes I had beautiful, dark soil.

I will say that the soil disks have these thin, cardboard like disks in the center of them, which I was kind of confused by. After adding a little more water I just crumbled them and left them in the soil. I'm pretty sure it's the same material as the biodegradable plant pots you can buy. It'll probably be fine.

I had a little soil left over after filling all four pots to the top. I packed it slightly but not too much so the roots would have some space to go. So I kept the leftover soil in a plastic bag and sprinkled it over the seeds the next morning after planting.

And BOOM! Four different herbs planted! And the great thing is I was able to register my seeds so if anything doesn't sprout, they'll send replacements. I am in love with this product and would recommend it to anyone who likes planting or using fresh herbs. They also sell different packages too - like organic tea kits and bonsai kits. The next one on my list is the tea box!

This post is not sponsored but if you want to try this product I will link it here! :)

Garden Republic - Herbs in the Burbs

Blessed Be!

Cheers XO


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