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Safe At Home

It's been a hot second. My husband and I have been tucked away fighting the flu and other super fun viruses. Thankfully he's back to work and feeling better - I'm finding out that my immune system SUCKS now that there's a baby growing in my belly. I'm so close to the second trimester and I'm hoping things will smooth out from here. The Covid-19 pandemic makes things pretty scary right now, but Caleb reminds me to stay calm and the internet is doing a great job with funny memes. I saw this post shared by one of my mom's best friends/one of my other mothers, Robin. It triggered some super fun memories from my childhood that could have been really scary, but because my village was so awesome, it wasn't.

So in the scary times I'll share my memories with you. Snuggle up with your blankies and we'll have story time.

In 2003, Hurricane Isabel came through Virginia and I was about 10. It was kind of a big deal, I think we didn't have electricity for 3 days or something like that. Since I was just a kid I didn't see panic, but I'm sure there was - probably similar to what is happening now. But to be honest all I remember is having a great time. We lived right next door to my mom's best friend and we were all very close. Because my house didn't have a basement I convinced my mom to let me spend the night at Robin's house - she had a pretty sweet basement (although I can't remember if it was finished yet or not). She also had 4 kids of her own so bless her for letting me join her hurricane bandwagon. I remember playing the alphabet picnic game (I'm going to a picnic and I'm going to bring...) and that's where I learned the term "shit-house lilies" from her daughter. We all laughed pretty hard. We ate snacks and then laughed at the littler kids when we asked them to turn on the lights or TV and nothing happened. We made the best of it and I don't remember being scared.

The next day when the storm had passed and we still had no power, my dad took us into town to see what was going on and to get out of the house a little bit. I remember going to Home Depot and seeing people in a line for generators that weren't in stock. Looking back I'm not sure if my mom sent us out to get supplies or not, and I don't remember coming back with anything. I remember me and my best friend playing "Amish" since we still didn't have power (at least I'm pretty sure this happened at the same time). Playing "Amish" just consisted of saying the word "Amish" after each sentence - not a very fancy game. But we were having fun and we weren't scared.

As an adult experiencing a pandemic and watching people go bananas over Lysol and toilet paper is somewhat traumatizing for me. I learned with my therapist recently that one of my triggers is lack of control and also feeling trapped. The lack of control is what scares me most right now. But I can control what's happening in my house and that's keeping me sane right now. Thank God that Hulu and Netflix are a thing. Hallelujah for a big pack of toilet paper and Tylenol. I'm trying my best not to have this become trauma for me. 10 year old Killiann wouldn't want that. 10 year old me would tell me to build a fort and say a few curse words while you can.

What are your memories from another scary time? Did anything funny happen? Let's lighten the air a little. If you have a good memory to share, post it in the comments. If you're stuck at home are you keeping yourself occupied? Let me know what your thoughts are. I hope you enjoyed story time.

Cheers XO

Blessed Be!


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