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Stir Crazy

I've lost count of quarantine days and there is still more to come. How have you guys been holding up? There hasn't been a whole lot going on here, just trying to find things to do within these walls. But here are some fun (relative, right?) things that I've been up to.

1. ANIMAL CROSSING! My newest obsession to keep my mind off boredom. I can sit on the couch for hours whilst shaking trees, fishing, and trying to pay back my massive debt to the Raccoon. 10/10 would recommend.

2. Re-watching That 70's Show on Netflix with Caleb. What a gem. What are you binge watching? I got through 2 seasons of Handmaid's Tail but when shit really started to hit the fan here, I needed something more upbeat and less rapey and sad.

3. Gardening - and by gardening I mean we planted some seeds and are hoping they'll grow. I made some cute little seedling pots out of recycled newspaper and Caleb built us a cool raised garden bed. We're calling it the "Coronavictory Garden" - get it??

Go on, SPROUT!

4. Bird Watch 2020 is now in full swing and we can't use our front door for a while. Every year birds will make a nest in our wreath (my Christmas wreath is still up...oops). It's super fun to watch them lay eggs and hatch. Last years bird was Frida, and we've named this one Marianne so I can use my Nigel Thornberry voice. Hopefully we can keep the snakes away.

So even though I always said I would use time at home doing deep spring cleaning and working out, that hasn't happened. What's happening in the world right now isn't normal and I'm sure we're all doing whatever we can (routine or not) to stay sane. I'm thankful to be quarantined with my husband and glad that video chat exists because I miss my parents. They've helped me through my anxiety during this weird time. I'm trying to look ahead and look forward to some things. This is temporary - a longer temporary than I thought, but still temporary.

Here's my favorite question right now, and you can leave your answer in the comment section below. When all of this is over and we can go out again, what is the first restaurant you want to go sit down and eat at?

I love you all and hope you are staying healthy and safe đź’•

Blessed Be!

Cheers XO


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