• Killiann Brown

Where Did May Go??

Time seems to be flying right on past me as the days blur together. My pregnant brain needs to be reminded what day it is at least 4 times a week. I'm sitting here wondering what even happened this month and what I did. Caleb and I have tried our best to get outside on the weekends to get some exercise - my 5 month waddle is REAL y'all, and my hips are hurting. So for me there has been a lot of couch sitting and warm showers.

One major milestone was celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary. It was different this year because it was in the middle of the week and with Covid-19 we couldn't go out for a fancy dinner. So instead we exchanged gifts early and when Caleb was home he made us some yummy food. He seriously makes the BEST buffalo chicken dip. Be still my beating heart!

Spending the last 10 years with this guy has taught me so much. He's taught me to push the limits of adventure and to make your own trails. I've learned that sometimes I need to chill out and let things be. I'm so thankful that I married my best friend and we make each other laugh so much, and when we're not laughing I have a partner to go to battle with. Thanks, Caleb. Love you!

ALSO, this month I finally started to feel our baby girl moving around in my belly. It is such an incredible and weird feeling, like bubbles popping. My brain is in full nesting mode, and I'm hoping to start getting our nursery cleared out and painted next month. Paint chips are everything right now and I'm hoping Caleb and I can agree on a color, because someone is not a fan of pink...

So we'll see what June brings us, maybe more normal or maybe not. Either way we are making it through this weird time. There's still lots of good things to be shared!

Blessed Be!

Cheers XO



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